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Summit Nanotech's denaLi™ DLE (direct lithium extraction) technology addresses critical supply and sustainability issues to meet the surge in lithium demand due to the increased pace of adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy. Amanda Hall, CEO and Founder, explains how in this Canadian Global Affairs Institute podcast with Kelly Ogle, President and CEO. 

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Summit Nanotech Corporation is pleased to announce that Amanda Hall, CEO, and Founder of Summit Nanotech is the $1 Million grand prize winner of the Women in Cleantech Challenge. After a rigorous evaluation process by a jury of experts, Amanda Hall was named the winner for achieving the most progress during the three-year Challenge and having the greatest market impact. The $1-million grand prize will further commercialize and grow Summit Nanotech.


Summit Nanotech is developing technology to tackle the world's most daunting energy and environmental challenges. Since 2018, Summit Nanotech has grown from one to 26 employees, filed three patents, and has 12 active customers in 5 countries. 


The Women in Cleantech Challenge was funded by NRCan to address the lack of representation in a sector where only 16 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are owned by women.


"Your work puts Canada’s climate innovation economy at the forefront at a time when we most need it, all while blazing the way for other incredibly talented women engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.  We are so proud to have worked with each of you over the past three years and look forward to the impact that you will make as you scale your companies,” said Yung Wu, CEO of MaRS.


“The Women in Cleantech Challenge doesn’t just seek to level the playing field for women; it seeks to inspire a new generation of women entrepreneurs and leaders to build our clean energy future,” said the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources. “Diversity of thought is critical to innovation, and that’s why supporting more women entrepreneurs is more important than ever. Congratulations to Amanda Hall, and to all the finalists who are building Canada’s clean energy future.”

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October 6, 2021


Synopsis: Amanda Hall is interviewed by Andrew Bell on BNN Bloomberg to discuss how Summit Nanotech's technology is helping lithium miners extract the metal in a more sustainable and cost-efficient way.

May 2021



Peter Tertzakian, Energy Analyst and Economist & Tony Seskus CBC Business Journalist

In this episode of Disruption, Peter and Tony talk to three entrepreneurs going all in on green energy technology. From their eureka moments, to their hardest days, to the successes they are most proud of, these change-makers speak frankly about the highs and tolls of the entrepreneurial life. It’s an insight into what it takes on a personal level to be part of the energy transition. Our guests are Amanda Hall, CEO of Summit Nanotech; Grant Strem, Chair and CEO of Proton Energy; and Apoorv Sinha, CEO of Carbon Upcycling.


Innovation Economy Council

How Canada can spur growth by procuring from its own cleantech startups.

June 2021


Synopsis: Kelly Krahulic PhD, VP of Technology and Innovation is interviewed about Summit Nanotech's patent-pending process, denaLi, a process that uses a proprietary combination of sorbents along with nanoporous membranes to separate lithium from the brine to produce lithium faster. 

November 2020


 Using nanotechnology, Amanda Hall and her team at Summit Nanotech have created an improved method of lithium-ion resource extraction from produced brine water.

October 2020

Increasing Access to Capital Leveraging a National Network

Video: Ben Sanders, CEO of Proof in Yukon, and Amanda Hall, CEO at Summit Nanotech in Alberta – founders building their companies in a crisis environment, in regions with deep pools of angel capital waiting to be mobilized.