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You belong here. 

We create clean tech for a clean future


Because we can. Our vision is to build an innovative, healthy, humancentric company of leaders effecting positive impacts on humanity. 


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We have big


We are a humancentric company that appreciates the unique contributions of everyone. We practice:

  • Humility

  • Empathy

  • Adaptability

  • Relentlessness

  • Transparency

  • Safety

Huge goals,
giant talent

Relentlessly ambitious

Make your mark at Summit Nanotech. We need your help to create the lithium mine of the future. Through sustainable technology and a supportive team, we aim to make a real impact that will power the energy transition.

Why Summit Nanotech

Have a direct role on impacting a cleaner and more sustainable future and have fun doing it.

Working from Home

Flexible hybrid work

 Life happens. We hire hard-working humans that are driven by performance more than a set schedule. 

  • Need to stay home with a sick child? No problem. We just managed remote work for 2 years, we’re sure you’ve got this.

  • Do your best super early in the day? Get that worm, early bird.

  • Hit your stride later in the day? Some of our best ideas came from night owls.

Like you, we are adaptable.

Team Meeting

Learn with us

Be a lifelong learner. From professional development to Lunch and Learns you will build new skills at Summit Nanotech. We want you challenge status quo, achieve big goals, and look to each other for help and insights that make us all better.

Our values of transparency and humility means you can always access mentorship from a peer or senior leader.


Life is short

Make it count. We believe in having fun and shared experiences. As part of our work community, we dedicate time to connect through a wide variety of interests including excursions to the mountains or holiday baking challenges.

Quiet or loud, we’ve got a spot for you.


Join our team

Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.

Tom Peters

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