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Summit Nanotech proudly sponsors Calgary NanoNexus Networking Event, CTO Jason Hendrick featured on

The Calgary nanoNexus aims to be a bridge between academia and industry. This networking evening serves as a platform for connections to be formed, relationships to be built, partnerships to be made, and collaborations to be started. Nanotechnology applications will be identified and highlighted with a focus on commercialization and entrepreneurship. The nanotechnology community coming together in one place includes industry professionals, governmental stakeholders, and students and academics from the University of Calgary and other institutions in Alberta.

An exciting addition to this year's event is the Panel Discussion on the topic "From lab to fab: where are we in 2019?". Find out everything you need to know about how to bring lab-tested ideas out into the real world, what are the challenges and how to overcome them, and how does one know their idea is worth commercializing from our panelists: Michael Kerr (Alberta Innovates), Dr. Nashaat Nassar (Chemical and Petroleum Engineering), Shae Coburn (Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking), Mike Dixon (CTO - WaterNEXT), and Jason Hendrick (CTO - Summit Nanotech)