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CEO Amanda Hall featured in Human Venture

The Human Venture community is comprised of caring individuals who are committed to ongoing research and learning by exploring Human Learning Ecology in their chosen fields of endeavour. Our 800+ alumni represent the non-profit, corporate, government, and academic sectors. Whether it’s agriculture, education, project management or technology, our combined efforts help to further our understanding of leading edge human and social development.

CEO Amanda Hall was interviewed last week. She is an alumna of the Leadership Calgary program. She is one of six finalists competing for a million-dollar Women in Cleantech prize.

1. What are the most significant engagements in your life, and why are they meaningful?Balance is important, and so the most significant engagements in my life are spread out between my family/friends, my company, my health and my learning. I think that spending quality time every day on all four of these is very important. They are meaningful because I know that when I invest time and energy into each one, I am rewarded with an abundance of love/support, inspiration, growth and new tools of wisdom in return. Learning and growing is a collaborative effort.

Read the full interview here.