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Summit Nanotech Co-Founders Attend the 5th Annual Alberta Nanotechnology Research Symposium

Co-founders Amanda Hall and Jason Hendrick attended the Alberta Nanotechnology Research symposium at the Westerner Park in Red Deer May 3-4 2018. The Alberta Nano Research Symposium was co-hosted by the University of Alberta nanoGroup and the University of Calgary nanoGroup. This year’s theme was “Celebrating Diversity in Nanoscience”. This event was geared towards sharing knowledge, as well as to promote the development of new collaborations with experts in the field. Researchers from all areas of nanotechnology attended the symposium. Topics included innovative synthesis and characterization techniques, as well as fabrication and devices towards applications in biomedicine, energy conversion and storage. Undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members across Alberta were invited to share their research in nanotechnology through oral and poster presentations. The symposium included keynote speakers, poster and oral presentations, and a networking session.

Understanding and keeping up to date on the nanotechnology landscape ensures Summit Nanotech can quickly identify opportunities and applications for industrial problems. Building a strong network of contacts in the research community allows us to reach out and consult with experts as needed.