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Summit Nanotech Team attends the Weizmann Institute Canada unveiling of the Center for Advanced Inte

Summit team members Amanda Hall, Jason Hendrick, Andrew Mills attended the unveiling of the Weizmann Center for Advanced Intelligent Materials evening with Dr. Leeor Kronik at Studio Bell in Calgary. The introduction of new materials continues to shape our lives, though with a greater diversity and quicker pace than ever before. The Weizmann Institute of Science will solidify its leadership role in the field of smart materials and strengthen its already impressive efforts toward the identification and fabrication of new and useful materials with the creation of its new Center for Advanced Intelligent Materials.

CEO Amanda Hall with Dr. Leeor Kronik

The Center will be housed in the André Deloro Building — a sophisticated facility with the specific environmental conditions necessary to conduct materials research. The building will include an underground zone, shielding sensitive experiments from environmental noise and other disturbances. It will also house three infrastructure units: a Materials Observatory for high-resolution imaging, a Foundry for materials fabrication, and the Molecularium, a state-of-the-art facility for the chemical analysis of new compounds.Paired with the best and brightest scientists from around the world, this cutting-edge Center promises to have exciting applications in medicine, space and aeronautics, energy and sustainability, electronics and optics, and so much more.