April 23, 2018

The story began when Amanda Hall and Jason Hendrick met to discuss forming a company that would transform research and innovation applications for the future of Western Canada. Many major needs were identified in the energy industry, the financially driven business model, where environmental change is only made when mandated by government regulation. Meaningful green solutions to industry problems must be profitable and achieve climate and environmental goals. However, the up-scaling of great innovations are tremendously difficult, with roadblocks at every turn. Current corporate models do not promote world class solutions, internal research is discouraged unless a quick return on investment can be demonstrated. Environment centered and green based research is often left to universities, where up-scaling and commercial applications are not a priority. Summit Nanotech will be the business to business, and research to business connection that will build on green ideas and innovation. Locating and employing the right people is a challenge. Securing research funding is a challenge. We recognize the tremendous potential of nanotechnology applications when realized with commercialization and up-scaling.

From this early meeting, it was determined that a path forward must be paved. Summit Nanotech would soon be created.