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DLE Technology


“We are building the mine of the future by setting new standards for lithium extraction today.”


Amanda Hall

CEO and Founder of Summit Nanotech

What is denaLi™ DLE Technology?


Summit Nanotech's denaLi™ DLE technology is a line of  electrochemical direct lithium extraction (DLE) technologies innovated to support the global shift to clean energy. The technology was created to allow lithium to be produced sustainably and efficiently to meet the demands of expanding electric vehicle (EV) and renewable energy storage sectors.


Why is denaLi™ such a game-changer?


Companies extracting lithium with this process will surpass all ESG standards and align with global GHG reduction targets because denaLi™ DLE technology is capable of producing an immediate supply of battery quality lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide with acceptable impurities from a wide range of feedstock resources. 


What are the benefits of the denaLi™ DLE Technology over current lithium extraction processes?

  • faster turnaround time (24 hours v. weeks) 

  • high-end product purity

  • no dependence on third-party processors to refine the product

  • significantly reduced land use

  • lower fresh water use

  • lower energy use

  • reduced involvement and uncertainty from foreign shipping and supply chains

  • no transport is needed (besides the finished product)

  • sustainable process with significantly lower GHG and CAC emissions 

  • on-site production

  • and lower OPEX/CAPEX​ costs for mining companies