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Harvesting lithium sustainably 

Direct Lithium Extraction

The demand for electric vehicles which require lithium batteries is currently outpacing the lithium supply chain. Our denaLi™ is a patented DLE (direct lithium extraction) solution designed to economically and sustainably unlock lithium from the richest resources in the world.

We apply advanced chemistry and engineering to extract high-quality lithium from brine solution faster than traditional methods. We use sustainable practises that both mining companies and vehicle manufacturers require.

And we are setting the bar high.


Minimizing the use of freshwater and reinjecting brine back into the earth to support natural aquifers.


Redefining the use of reagents in processing. We believe in using limited chemicals for a cleaner lithium. 

Greenhouse Gas

Protecting our atmosphere with technology. We use low pressure and low temperatures to mitigate GHG emissions. 

Summit Employees at Chile Lithium Pilot Project_edited.jpg

Piloting in Chile

Validated by the National Research Council, our multi-client pilot project is processing brines in the heart of the lithium triangle. Summit Nanotech continues to target the delivery of high-yield lithium, faster processing, improved margins, and industry leading sustainability.



Battery grade lithium

Supporting lithium carbonate, lithium chloride, and lithium hydroxide to meet the global demand for electric vehicles and energy transition.


Clean tech | clean future

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