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CEO Amanda Hall invited to speak at Energy Disruptors: Unite 2019

Summit Nanotech is proud to announce that CEO Amanda Hall has been invited to speak at the 2019 Energy Disruptors: Unite event. Energy Disruptors is a profit-for-purpose organization with a bold ambition; to UNITE the entire spectrum of the energy industry around the common goal of accelerating pragmatic and profitable solutions to the world's biggest energy challenges. One where combining sustainable energy with economic growth is possible. They believe leveraging exponential technologies w ill advance us along the path to solving global air pollution, meeting the increasing demand for energy and eliminating energy poverty. The goal is to shift humanity into the age of abundance, but only

CEO Amanda Hall featured by Platform Calgary for World Entrepreneur Day

Platform Calgary is focused on three core areas of work; Placemaking: at the Alastair Ross Technology Centre and The Inc., and now at two downtown locations (Nucleus and Platform Beta in East Village), Acceleration: through our new Junction: Founders x Foundations program, and our ongoing work with TELUS in the TELUS Technology Accelerator and the new TELUS Technology Incubator, and Advocacy: through our participation in the Calgary Innovation Coalition, the 10 Year Economic Strategy and our work to build a Edmonton-Calgary Innovation Corridor.