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Summit Nanotech featured in New Energy Economy Article

Many people talk about making the world a better place; Amanda Hall is doing it. Hall is the co-founder and CEO of Summit Nanotech, a company in Alberta using advances in nanotechnology to create and implement clean solutions for industrial processes. “Our mission is to green up the energy industry by using nanoscience,” said Hall. “When you look at processes through the scope of quantum physics — small-scale physics — it can solve a lot of the problems we see in industry today.” Read Full Article Here:

Summit Invited to participate in Chilean Cleantech Opportunity

Summit Nanotech was invited to participate in the CORFO Chilean Clean Technologies Institute Call for Proposals in Antofagasta, Chile. CORFO is providing $193MM in funding for companies to develop clean technology solutions for the country's lithium mining industry. The funding comes from royalties paid by lithium mining major SQM who supports the endeavor to make their mining processes more efficient and green, enabling them to be more competitive in the market as global lithium demand climbs. CORFO is confident that the promotion of clean technology in Chile will enable growth and development of the natural resource sector. Our team at Summit Nanotech is excited to have this opportunity.

Summit Nanotech Opens New Research Lab

Summit Nanotech, with the support of partner NRCan, have opened a research lab at the Devon Research Centre in Devon, AB. The lab will be used for research, synthesis, testing and technology development. Summit Nanotech is developing Lithium extraction and concentration technology that will deliver green solutions for the Alberta energy industry. Summit is focused on capturing industrial metals from brine, petrolithium and waste treatment.