Seismic Interpretation

With 25 years of combined experience in geophysics, Summit Nanotech offers high quality geophysical consulting services for exploration and resource development, as well as environmental investigations and monitoring. We offer complete project management, including seismic interpretation, microseismic monitoring, induced seismicity monitoring, groundwater detection and monitoring, and bedrock mapping. We have access to a wide network of experienced personnel in seismic acquisition, processing, interpretation and QC. See below for an extended list of services. Contact us for a list of our experience, publications and award winning innovation in geophysics.

Geophysical Solutions

Complete seismic interpretation services
Near-surface site investigation and characterization
Groundwater detection and monitoring
Borehole logging
Fibre optical monitoring of infrastructure
Seismic acquisition field data QC
Surface microseismic monitoring program design
Microseismic acquisition supervision and QC
Designing and modeling downhole multi-array surveillance
Microseismic Data Interpretation, Analysis, and Integration
Advanced microseismic data analysis
VSP program design
Demonstrating the value of geophysics
Effective communication to management